8 10 2013





Yesterday I though may be her last day.  SHe wasn’t drinking although she did eat.  NOt herself at all, she usually baa’s me her orders, like water please. more molasses on my food please. nothing but a few weak baa’s.  I called the local mobile vet in the late afternoon thinking that I might have to put her down.  Gave her some beet pulp with her food last night and this morning she was standing up greeting me and demanding water and her food asap.  It’s a little upsetting that the vet never called me back.  I guess I will use the New Hampshire vet for her too.  I know that at 161/2 she can’t live forever, but I want to let her decide when its time to go.  She still enjoys life, and will have these ups and downs just like i have them.  GO SADIE


The Farm Stan called me yesterday, did I want another box of tomatoes.IMG_1531

Of course, I was just thinking that I didn’t have enough.  I will pick them up this am.   I  picked more sting beans today to put in the freezer.


Got some seed pods off of the purple runner bean and some basil.


I also picked up  corn and more peppers to freeze at the Farm Stand.


The FARM STAND also has a huge pumpkin patch where you can go and pick out your pumpkin.

Many thanks for reading my blog on this wonderful fall day.  I hope your day was lovely.  We may have a frost tonight, and the growing season will come to an end.




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