5 10 2013




This year the leaves seem more brilliant.  It might be all the rain we have had.  They should be at there peak in another week, I hope we don’t have any winds or heavy rains before then.

I have been working on the sunflowers the past two days and hope to have the hooking done on them by tomorrow night.  


I really like making them, I will have to find the perfect stick for the stem of each of them.



In doing the bed check for the new hens I noticed that Sweet Pea had found the nest box.


 No one usually sleeps in the nest box so she will not have anyone bothering her.  This may be a habit for her.  I really don’t mind as I have two nest boxes in there and when I get the Oat Straw one done there will be three.  Plenty for everyone.

The other two new hens are sleeping with Hazel the Rooster tonight.



Country Living came yesterday.

IMG_1498  I have been so busy that I have just had a few minutes to look through it.    The latest thing in Britain is people working for farmers for a week before they take the plunge and give up their jobs.  It’s a great idea, too many people get caught up in the dream and then find it’s not for them.  This gives the farmer extra money and help and the people a good understanding of what is ahead.  Stories about sheep and cow farmers were in this months magazine.  There was also a story about bee keepers who make salves.  I definitely want to read that.  Maybe tomorrow I will sit down with a cup of tea and go through it.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog, I hope you have a lovely day. Carole



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6 10 2013

I agree the leaves are amazing this year..though it still seems warm for Fall…and not crisp enough. But I will take it. Your new girls seem to be settling in so well. That must be a relief. Love those sunflowers!

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