2 10 2013












Some pictures of the morning.  More good weather for us but next week will be full of rain.  Things need to get done before the rains come.


I started redoing the hen-house.  Putting in foam insulation and new boards on the back and side walls.  That is all I am going to do.  I spent most of yesterday doing that and am only half done.Its not perfect but I think it will help keep the house a little warmer and eliminate some of the moisture.  



I still may have to get a small fan to run during the day.  I will need to bring these hens in before I leave for the NY show.  That is on October 19th and 20th.  The weather can become fickle by then.  I have been there when its hot and also when there is snow flurries.    Everything but the foam was recycled.  The wood is from a floor that had to be taken up at my son’s house and some from part of my kitchen floor.  Today I will be searching for some wood to make the door.


Yesterday I got some cherry wood to burn this winter.  It’s from a tree that had fallen down a couple of years ago


  It is dry enough to  burn  now.  I used almost 1-1/2  cords of wood last winter and  I think that I may find enough to cut up between my son’s yard and mine.  That will save me $300.  


I grow my own Comfery in my yard but it grows so much better in my son.’s yard  I need to pick some and dry them so that I can make salve throughout the winter.



On my son’s property there are 4 American Chestnut trees and they are ready to drop their lethal nuts soon.  The  nuts are covered with thorny spikes, and I honestly don’t know how the squirrels get them.

IMG_1475  They cover the ground, luckily they are far enough away from the sheep that they don’t fall into their yard.  The crop is worth some money and this year most of them will be sold to local stores . 

Today I am going to hook some flowers for the show, I am glad to get back to some hooking.

Thank you for reading my blog today and I hope you day is perfect.  Carole









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