30 09 2013


It was foggy this morning but cleared off to be another beautiful day. It will be at least another week before the leaves are  at their peak, looking forward to that,



I was giving one last check to the hens and into the barn walks Cornelius.    He was looking for the helmet bugs on his way upstairs.    I am cautious as is he.











Finally String Beans

The spring is such a busy time on the farm, with shearing, getting hay in getting the yard in order and a show to do right when I should be planting.  So things are very late this year.  I am lucky that there was no serious frost or I wouldn’t be picking these string beans and all would be lost.   In our area the common time to plant is after the end of May.  Next year I will plant mid-may and take my chances at least with beans and pumpkins.


Fall is here and with it comes changes.  The tomatoes are still ripening but the vines are dying off.


 Acorns are falling and the sheep do love them, so do the squirrels.  I do think the sheep get more of them than the squirrels do though.



 The days are shorter and the nights require some heat now.   There are so many chores to do and I am trying to get them done.  I am insulating the back hen-house, hoping it will keep some of the dampness out.  Windows need to be put back in the hen-house and the barn.  Sweet Annie and artemisia need to be picked tomorrow and the barn cleaned again.  Manure needs to be spread, these things need to be done soon so  I can devote the rest of the week to making things for the show in a couple of weeks.


The bumble bee’s are our in force today .

Many thanks for reading my blog and I hope you have a lovely day.  Carole and Minnie



3 responses

1 10 2013
Louise G. de tonnancour

Hi Carole,   I just love the last picture of your sheeps!!!  Priceless!!! It’s very strange…normally at this time of year, before Louky goes outdoors every morning, I check if a “Cornelius ” of my own is not in the area.  This year: nothing…not a single morning.   I don’t complain but isn’t strange!?   6 or 7 years ago Louky had a very bad experience…how awful it was!!!    Have a great day!   Louise   PS: I’m going to my first Dickens meeting this afternoon.  We are discussing Oliver Twist which I just finished .  What a great book…better reading the book then seeing any film adaptation.   Would you have Debbie s email…I saw her Mayfowers rug on Maryjane s blog…it s a beauty!!! I would like to write her about it.  Thanks! 


2 10 2013
Liz Sorenson

I love the photo of your sheep Carole!

2 10 2013

I was picking tomatoes they have to see what is going on. I am so lucky they are sweet. See you soon with the wheel and some sachets.

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