28 09 2013









Another glorious day at the Farm.  i only got two pumpkins out of all the ones I planted, the weather was very fickle this summer.


I couldn’t believe my luck today, I got a beautiful metal bowl which I will put my lavender sachets in to sell, an old cup and saucer which I will fill with bee’s wax and sell, some wonderful old dishes for Minnie to eat from and a chandelier.


 I have been looking for a chandelier ever since I saw one that the electric had been taken out of and small tea candles put in where the electric lights were.  It was hung from a tree.  I hope to make one of those for use next year.


I did get one assembled and will work on it Monday.  Tomorrow I want to find some small leaves to make a pattern out of to put on the cornesr.  




I found some more black walnuts today and started  boiling them.  I love the smell its a cross between and earthy smell and a lemon smell.


 I only boil when I am around the kitchen so it may be a few days before its done.  I have found some wool fabric to dye and after I am done I will freeze the nuts and the dye.  It can be used and reused.


THe new hens are doing well.  They are getting off the perch and since there is no one in there that will annoy them I am sure they will be fine now.

I thank you so much for reading my blog today and hope your day was as lovely as mine.   Carole and Minnie




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29 09 2013
Anne Wilson

How wonderful being allowed to remove things from the dump, one woman’s rubbish is another’s treasure, here nothing can be removed.

29 09 2013

Hello Anne
We have a place where we can leave stuff its up to the man who operates the dump. Most communities have a bring and take area and a place where you can donate your things. People bring wonderful things to the dump. Why not let someone else enjoy what you don’t want. Maybe things will change in Ireland. Its expensive here to haul trash away and every bag I bring I have to pay for a sticker. Most towns charge for the stickers and a yearly fee. Luckily ours doesn’t. Carole

29 09 2013
Anne Wilson

We used to be able to remove things from the dump, that has now all changed, health and safety is the normal reason quoted. It is not too expensive to get rid of rubbish here, three euros fifty cents for a small van which must be sorted rubbish but no food waste. You can have a bin which is collected weekly, from what I can make out this is unsorted household waste and expensive. We have very little waste, cat tins go into our metal bag and plastic into another, any food waste normally finds a mouth that will eat it, dogs and cats don’t fare too well, rabbits and hens do a bit better, veg trimmings are well received. What cant be eaten by the animals gets composted. Any usable cloths go to the charity shop, clothing that has no further use goes to the cloth bins which all towns have, this gets recycled into paper I believe. I get all my books from the charity shop at 1 euro a time then return them where I’ve read them. I just don’t understand how some people can fill a bin weekly, it would take us two months to do so. Every town has recycling bins for glass, cloths, this includes shoes, metal tins and batteries, just about every town has a least one charity shop .Despite all the easy ways to get rid of what you no longer want people still fly tip, normally in some beauty spot.

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