20 09 2013








It’s a beautiful day in Western Massachusetts, I am working on enjoying some of the day instead of inside sewing.  The Fall is a busy season here on the Farm.  SO many chores to do before the Winter hits.  I still have a lot of herbs to pick and dry and the beets to get pickled.  The days slip by so fast.  Fall is my favorite season but I love the pace of winter.  I can relax, no outside chores except for shoveling, more time to read, spin and hook.


It’s delightful to pick the hops.   The chickens are chatting away while I am picking. The ones I planted last year by the north chicken coop have flourished.  They have even grown up the evergreen tree.  I had to put poles to hold the netting up.  I am reaping the harvest of them.  I think that I still should plant some in other spots next spring.  

Lemon Balm

Yesterday morning I dried the hops it didn’t take long at all.  I picked some Lemon Balm and  dried that in the afternoon


  Some of the Lemon Balm I will use as tea and the rest will go into the Dream Pillows.   One of the things Lemon Balm is known for is relieving stress which goes nicely with the hops which are a relaxing herb which also bring peacefulness..


I mixed up a batch of the dream pillow mix last night.




 I will make some hearts to take to FUNK SHUN today.  I thought it might be nice to package some up so that people can use their own bags or just tie it up in a piece of muslin.


I also made up a batch of salve and will pick some more Comfrey today and make up another batch.






 I plan to dry some Comfrey so that I can make the salve during the winter.  It grows freely in my son’s back yard.

Minnie Bisbee has changed so much since she has come up to the computer room and  bedroom.  Without the stress of other cats she has blossomed.  My helper in all computer work sometimes napping on the printer and sleeping by my side every night.  I have had other cats that  were like her but never came out of their shells.  She loves Pounce treats (she discovered them at the Vet’s office) and will look at the container and she does get a couple a day.

Many thanks for reading my blog on this day and I hope your day is wonderful.   Carole and MInnie





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20 09 2013
Louise G. de tonnancour

Hi Carole, What a wonderful day yesterday was and I can see it was the same for you in W. Mass.! I’m really fascinated by your dream pillow mix… Just the look of it is beautiful! Your remark about Minnie blossoming is exactly what I thought and forgot to mention itto you in my last email. I’m includinga few pictures of my long time friendwatercolorist Millie and me yesterday at the Abbey of Saint Benoit-du-Lac where wedrove tobuy the monk’s apples and cidre. A trip there in the Eastern Townships ( about1hour and 15 mn from my house ) is always a treat.We spent a long time in the Abbey’s store admiring everythingthey sell…cheeses, preserves, chocolate,etc…We had lunch on their beautiful grounds on the edge of lake Memphremagog which connects to Vermont. Fondly, Louise


21 09 2013
Anne Wilson

It’s lovely to see Minnie looking so much better, she looks so contented. Yes I would love to try some of your hop seeds, our plants have not done much this year, maybe next year will be better for them.

22 09 2013

Yes she is contented. I will send some next week.

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