18 09 2013



After reading about skunk I am sure its a male.  I don’t see as much of him lately but saw him a couple of nights ago.  He is a striped skunk one of the best known mammals in Canada and the US.  I was wondering if they hibernate and interesting enough they are like bears, when its warm they come out.  They will cover their entrance holes with leaves and grass when it gets very cold.


Well more are done for a total of 9, and for the time being I will put the rest away to work on next month.









 Although I will continue to work on cat toys.  I am now working on this sweet little primitive doll and also a small rug hooking piece.













The hops are ready and the smell is floating through the IMG_1357garden.









 They really did well this year, especially over the side chicken area.  I will change a few things next year to make picking easier.  In an half hour earlier this evening I picked almost a basket full.


 I will start drying them tomorrow in the dehydrator.  I am thinking about packaging some up for people who want to make their own dream pillows and then use the rest in my dream pillows.

 It seems like it was just a couple of weeks ago that she was born.



 She will be a year next month.  SHe is still such a happy baby for her the world is a funny place.  She now has 4 teeth and has already been to the dentist.

Many thanks for reading my blog and I hope you have a wonderful day.   Carole and Minnie



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