13 09 2013



I watch Netflix when I am hooking , sewing  and before I go to sleep.  I came across this wonderful movie called THE MOO MAN.


 If you love cows and family farms you will love this movie. They do have a web site  It’s about a family farm in England who takes wonderful loving care of their herd.  These people have found the essence of farming. They have found a way to survive on a family farm by selling raw organic milk directly to the public.   He was getting paid 27 pence per liter and his cost was 34 pence per liter.  The taxpayers subsidize the milk .  The supermarkets make the profits.  

They raise Friesian Holstein.








 I remember my first taste of raw milk from my Uncle’s farm in Chesterfield as a child.   I was shocked that it was warm.  Everyone drank it of course at that time you could not sell it to the public.  

The Bisbee family farm is no more.  No one wanted to take it over.  Long hours  very few days off and with not a living wage isn’t what people want to do.  It’s sad to go by the old barn now and remember how wonderful and busy  it was 50 or so years ago.  It was filled with cows a couple of working horses and some cats.   Every day was a busy day and to a little girl it’s what started a life of loving animals and farm life.

This movie brought back many memories for me.  The milkman came to our house 2 or 3 times a week from a local farm.  We bought , milk, eggs and butter from them and in the summer could buy vegetables.  Everything was so fresh and sometimes local farms made their own ice cream and that could be included in the delivery.  Somehow this part of life in the 50’s and 60’s is almost obsolete.  I only buy organic milk these days, yes I know its expensive but  by doing that  I am supporting local farms like my Uncle’s farm.  If more people did this the farmers would make a living wage and be able to keep their farms,  Its less than a cup of coffee per half-gallon.  When I think of the consequences of loosing family farms, I think of the huge corporate farms where no care is given to the animal the animals live under such stress that goes into their milk and then goes into your body.  I hope that we as caring people can see what this does and use our pocketbooks to SAVE OUR FAMILY FARMS.

The Moo Man was the surprise hit of the Sundance Film Festival of 2013.    You can watch a trailer of this on the Moo Man’s website.

We are lucky to have a local organic milk farm.  Everytime you go past the farm the cows are grazing on wonderful green pastures.


Many thanks for reading my blog today and I hope that you will watch this very moving film.  Hope your day is wonderful.  Carole



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13 09 2013

Just watched The Moo Man. Lovely. Thanks for the recommendation.

13 09 2013

I just loved it, they are such kind people, hope lots of people watch it and change their milk buying habits. Thanks for the kind commente, hope you didn’t,get the scary thunderstorms yesterday.

14 09 2013
Bealtaine Cottage

Thanks for the info on this film…I have added it to my dark evenings watching!

14 09 2013

I know you will love it, he is farming the way it should be.

15 09 2013
Francine Keating

I remember Sunday drives in the country (we did that in the ’50’s) with our parents. I remember going to the farm and the wonderful old barn, the animals and you showed me the joys of jumping down into the hay; quickly scrambling up to jump down again, and again, and again! I don’t think that I ever go by a barn that I don’t think of those days.
Thanks for the info on the Moo Man. I look forward to seeing it. The family farms here in Maine are struggling just like everywhere else. Developers pay more money for the land than supermarkets do for milk and produce. The family farm store a few miles from me always has their own great produce–right now it is the very best corn and piles of bright orange pumpkins. I love seeing the cattle out in the fields and the geese squawking around the pond.

15 09 2013

We had so much fun, something that most children miss out on these days. You will love the Moo Man, its something I will watch again. Do you watch Doc Martin? Martin Clunes is doing a series on places in England and the first one is The Shetlands. I am going to watch that today while I sew. My friend Louise from Montreal gave me that information. I am getting into the local mode too, I belong to The River Valley Co-Op in NOHO which sells mostly local meats and veggies. Its nice to know where things come from these days and how they were raised. While at the Big E last night I went into the Maine building , the smell of CHristmas trees and wreaths never hit me at the door. Long gone are those wonderful things. Blueberries well only in pies!!!!! It was very commercial not like we remember it. Sad to see no life Lobsters and the smell of sea air. Mass building was the same . Enjoyed working at the info booth there and learned about lots of interesting places. Next weekend going to the Emily Dickinson House for a marathon reading of her poems, Thanks for the comments and m
the trip down memory lane, we were lucky kids we had it all.

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