9 09 2013


The night before Last  was the grand opening at Sheep and Shawl, I met my friend Patti there.

Patti checking out the yarn from The Orkney's.

Patti checking out the yarn from The Orkney’s.

Lots of people came, it was a delightful evening seeing old and new fiends enjoying Champaign and tea sandwiches and great conversation.  Liz has the shop filled with wonderful woolen things.

sheep and shawl 003

Liz cutting the cake

Liz cutting the cake






 From needles to yarn and wool from nearby farms it’s the place to go for anything woolly. She will be posting classes soon and I will be teaching the drop spindle.  Drop by and see what she has, great gifts are available at the shop for the knitter and non knitter alike.


I keep some dyes by the stove, black , mallard green and mustard to be exact.  I find that I use these dyes a lot.  Yesterday I came across a piece of my Uncle Rogers old Army blanket.  Unlike most of them this one was very scratchy and heavy.    I had dyed it in splotchy oranges for pumpkins several years ago but now need more back ground colors for wall hangings so I over dyed it mustard.

sheep and shawl 006

 I like how it came out.  This week I am trying to get a turkey and a cat and pumpkin wall hangings cut out.  There are a lot of hand sewing but I think they will do well in the shops.


Along with some books from my old house in Belchertown I had some old magazines from the 80’s.  I decided to look through them and found a picture of a dryer vent I used to have.  Some years ago it cracked and was replaced by a conventional one.  I really liked it because no air got into the house.  Now that area of the house is prone to freezing pipes.   I googled the company but no luck  then found a similar one on amazon.

sheep and shawl 009


 I  ordered one .

The heat came on this morning. it was another cold morning.  Who can believe that it will be 90 on Wednesday.  I finally went to the doctors about my knee.  X rays were taken and all the metal parts are in the places they should be.  Rest and a cane  should get me well in no time.

Many thanks for reading my blog today and I hope you have a lovely day.    Carole





3 responses

10 09 2013

Thanks again for kind words about Sheep & Shawl Carole! I like your zeal for dyeing – and the colors you get! Fall is coming! (my favorite season)

10 09 2013

Nice pictures. It was a fun event. Thanks for inviting me. I will definitely be going back again!

14 09 2013
Bealtaine Cottage

Good to see Patti again…still wearing the lovely scarf she wove for me!
The shop looks great…another place I would love to visit!

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