5 09 2013












My friend Lisa called me yesterday.  We had talked about me taking one or two of her Border Leicester sheep this fall.  I still don’t know if I can do it and will let her know before they have to be moved in November.  She is heading to Maine to be a vendor at the Fiber College.  I will await a report from her because it something I may want to do next fall.  It looks exciting.  She always has ideas and when I told her of my dilemma of not having pasture and having to feed hay year round she gave me some wonderful suggestions. 


In life lots of things are taken for granted.   I just assumed that The Chicken Man would always be there to sell me the right hens, give me advice and good conversation about the chicken world.  I calledyesterday to make an appointment to get some hens and his wife answered he was rushed to the hospital yesterday or the day before they think he had an aneurism.  I hope and pray he will recover.  His wife and family need him and so does all the animals he has. the chicken world needs him too.  When he recovers I will tell him just how much he has meant to me over the years.   I never worried when I bought hens from him, I knew they would be healthy and friendly.  I could call him with questions and he would always have the right answers.



The magazine came last week and today was the first time I had the chance to look through it Great recipes and many interesting articles.    There was quite a lengthy article on Herb and Plant Medicine of the Civil War and since I found that letter my interest was peaked..  Many herbs were mentioned including jewel weed Horehound and Yarrow to name a few.   Yarrow was used to seal up wounds.  After the wound was cleaned  it was put on and the  wound seal.  We always had Horehound cough drops in my house when I was a child,they worked real well.  And of course the loved and hated Jewel Weed.  It really does work for poison ivy and for other rashes.


i have two computers that I am using both decided to give me problems yesterday.  One got updates and was turning itself off for hours and still is!!!!!!  The other didn’t want to do pictures at all.  Its has windows 8.   Windows 8 is a perfect example of when things work right leave them alone.  Its nothing but trouble and I am going to get windows 7 and install it.  Its exasperating to try to so something that worked beautifully the day  before but refuses to  the next day.   I can work with computers well but when glitches occur I am a fish out of water .

I hope you have a wonderful day and many thanks for reading my blog.   Carole



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5 09 2013
Kellie from Indiana

Carole, wanted to let you know I have been reading your posts and trying to comment, but everything freezes and never posts. I am going to keep trying. Sorry to hear about the chicken man. I dont have anyone around that I can rely on like that, so wish I did so hopefully he will pull through. Aneurysms and strokes run in my family they frighten me but I hear of many that make it through. I hope he does.

5 09 2013

So good to hear from you Kellie glad things are well. Sorry about your computer, Its a love – hate relationship with me. That good to know about The CHicken Man, we are all hoping that things will go well. He may not be able to do the things he used to but he is a wonderful man and I know will enjoy whatever comes his way. I will keep everyone informed.
My best to you, are you spinning?

6 09 2013
Kellie from Indiana

Not at present. Preserving right now and hand quilting in the bits of free time. Glad my post went thru. Took ten minutes. Be well.

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