29 08 2013


Deb Robson

I met Deb back in the early 80’s taking Spinning lessons at Webs at the X in Springfield.  I immediately liked her, through her I developed a love for wool, sheep, spinning and much more.  Those lessons changed my life.  I used to see her every once in a while when I would attend SOAR or at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival..  She has gone on to work for Interweave Press and publishing books.  I have featured one of her books Fleece and Fiber Sourcebook  on this blog.  She has done so many things for the spinning and sheep world, now her friends want to give back to her. Her dream is to study Shetland sheep for a year.  Her friends have come up with a dream-funder project for Deborah Robson.  I am showing you the front page and the table of contents and was given permission by her friend Donna Druchunas..

minnie 004Ihay and debs's book 011

It is $20. for the e-book, This is the first installment of it, and its 40 pages long. Its has 5 wonderful knitting patterns in it.  I am looking forward to the other pieces of the book which will hold essays and many more patterns by the best of the knitting world.  Of course with Deb all this knowledge she brings from this year of studying will be shared with us.  If you are a spinner, knitter and just in general love sheep this is a e-book for you and you will be helping the world learn so much more about Shetland and their sheep.       Shetland has been on my bucket list for a few years now, since before I got Marley.


I ordered 50 more bales of hay and it came last night.    It is wonderful hay and very dry so it didn’t bother me at all.  Its not just getting the hay which brings work but the getting ready.   Half of the hay area had to be swept, the stuff had to be moved out of the way so the truck could  get in.  It was a couple of hours of hard work.  The boys had never had the expierence of a hay elevator. 

hay and debs's book 005

If you don’t get a bale and put it in place in a hurry the next one is there and it creates a huge mess.  50 bales were in the barn in less than 20 minutes.  Now they know how it is and will be ready next time I have hay delivered.

hay and debs's book 006


Well they still aren’t done, I did some more hand sewing on them and I hope they will be done for the weekend.  Sometimes its frustrating for me.  On a farm there is so much to do and lots of time the things you really want to do have to be put aside. I am going to be taking more time to do these things in the coming weeks.

Many thanks for reading my blog today and I hope you have a wonderful day.   Carole and my helper Minnieminnie 005



2 responses

29 08 2013
Anne Wilson

Minnie is looking wonderful.

29 08 2013

Hello Anne
Yes she is doing better, much more trusting but still quite thin. Am drying the catnip now so soon it will be in the post.

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