28 08 2013



I wanted to share some picture of the sheep I took yesterday.

sheep and pillow 006

  Elliott at the door watching, there have been things in the woods lately, Deer I think.  They have made paths through the 10 foot high jewel weed.  Sadie is  doing remarkable well these days.

sheep and pillow 003

And Lucy and Maude

sheep and pillow 008



I am quite pleased with the pillows and making these for the porch has given me thought and practice. I am still not quite finished and I hope I will be done tomorrow. I think I will make some smaller versions for the new shop in Florence.  I quite enjoy sewing and its nice to get back to it.

DRYING MORE CORN and a Hot Pepper Too

I am drying more corn today.

sheep and pillow 010






  I want to make some corn chowder in the winter and this seems the best way to keep it.  It’s easy to dry and I don’t have to worry about freezer space.



Today I am so happy I have my family’s Charles Dickens series back.  They have been in the house in Belchertown for years but no one has ever been able to find them.  Today my son did.  Last year my friend Louise from Montreal told me about a society that meets about Charles Dickens.  It’s a world-wide society and they read and discuss the books.    This winter I am gong to start reading the set.  The nearest group in near Worcester which is probably 60 or so miles.  We will see about that in the spring.  But for now I am very happy to have my family books back.  My Dad came from a big family with many , all were avid readers.  I have a huge collection of old works from them.

Many thanks for reading my blog today, I hope you are having a wonderful day.  Carole and my helper tonight Minnie.



3 responses

28 08 2013

I’m so happy that you have found your family’s books, Carole. They will bring you hours of pleasure, I’m sure.

28 08 2013

It certainly was a happy day How is your family piece coming along

28 08 2013
Francine Keating

Elliott is very handsome. I suspect that he knows it!
Lucy and Maude don’t seem that impressed that they had their picture taken even though they have become famous on the blog.
Glad you have your family set of Dickens back. It is so nice to have family treasures. It’s been years since I have read much Dickens (except every Christmas time I re-read many of his Christmas stories) but I keep planning to settle in with one of them–maybe this winter–maybe Tale of Two Cities to start—-“It was the best if times, it was the worst of times; it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness . . .”

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