26 08 2013


sheep and shawl morning glories 018








I woke to gentle rains today, we sure need them. The morning glories have overtaken the bird house.


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Yesterday I had a full day.  I gathered up things to take to the new shop.  Its located in Deerfield, Mass. and is full of things for the wool lover.  All kinds of yarn and soon to be filled with local yarns and there are some very special yarns from Scotland which in limited supply.

Special yarns from Scotland

Special yarns from Scotland







I brought down some salve, the small packages of fleece , and large packages of fleece, some cards of Lottie and some lavender.  It is a wonderful place to shop, there are books about crafts and some beautiful felted and woven pieces.  More to come. 

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There is a knit Nite on Wednesday from 7-9.  The website is http://www.sheepandshawlcom.

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Chris and Ricky

The boys are coming back for a short stay tonight and then they are off with their Father for an adventure of deep-sea fishing.  An annual end of the summer event for them.  I hope to get the chicken house done and set up before they leave and get some tubing on the Deerfield River too.








Mom is doing so well at her new place.  She has come back from the brink with the help of Mary the owner.    She still knows who I am although she is confused in time and thinks my Grandmother visits her often.  There is nothing wrong with that.  She is often in the land of happier times. I couldn’t wish for anything better than that for her.   I miss my visits with her and will see her soon.


Minnie has really flourished upstairs.  She likes company but is used to being on her own some of the day.  She now sleeps right next to me, it has taken her quite some time to trust, I just can’t imagine her life before.  Finding the perfect food for her is still a quest for me.  She is still way to thin.


Lilly Pad is still visiting, she really loves my Grandmothers Quilt..  She will be her a few more weeks, she is a delight.

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Many thanks for reading my blog today and I hope you have a lovely day.   Carole