24 08 2013


Today was a busy day doing errands.  Sadie had a good day today, she is in good spirits and eating and drinking well.  After all my errands were done I decided to go and pick more Tansy.  Much to my dismay it was mostly mowed down.   I suppose to prevent a spark from the train causing a fire.  It was very dry.  I was able to get some along the road by the tracks so all was not lost.

Yesterday I sewed all the dark purple silk for the eye pillows.  I added the flax and lavender and sewed the ends and it came out fine.


  The light is not good for sewing dark material so I will finish them in the morning and hopefully do that pillow top too.

Bags of dyed wool and roving

I packed 20 bags of dyed wool and roving this afternoon to take to a new shop that I will have a few things in .  These small bags are good sellers everywhere, great for hooking, needle felting and regular felting and many more things.



 The shop is located in Deerfield.  I will have more information about it and pictures tomorrow.


THE Worst Weed for Sheep Owners

This is the worst weed for sheep owners.


  Fortunately for me its growing in the garden.  Nevertheless I will have to dig it up and put it in a plastic bag and burn it when its dry.  Its spreads like crazy and embeds itself into the fleeces ruining large parts of them.


The following are some pictures of the tomatoes which will be ripe soon.  I am going to have a large variety.  I did order a box from the local farm stand for Wednesday and plan to can them.  You can never have too many tomatoes in the winter.  Soups and sauces  Hmmmmmmm



















Many thanks for reading my blog on this wonderful, sunny day in Colrain. I hope you have a wonderful day wherever you are.  Carole




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