22 08 2013


Today is a hot and humid day with rain expected sometime..  A perfect morning for dyeing wool.  The house is eerily quiet without the boys.  I will miss them but they will have a wonderful time with their other Grandparents and their Uncle Mike. Yesterday After dropping off the boys I visited my favorite Massachusetts Rug Hooking store, Wool @ Dye Works in FLorence.  I picked up some Cushing Dye to dye 2 blankets that Debbie gave me.  I want to do a few  primitive pieces to sell at the shop.  The place was crowded.  It’s a delightful place to show off your latest rug or pick up some dyes or wool.  There are patterns galore there and very friendly people who work and own it.

Primitive Dyeing I bought this dye book in 1996 when I lived in Maryland.


 It’s still available and a very useful book for dyeing.  Its called Antique Colours Primitive Rugs by Emma Lou Lais and Barbara Carroll.  It only uses Cushing Dyes and gives perfect dye recipes.  Today I plan to dye a primitive green, a khaki and a few different primitive blacks. I want one of the blacks to have a green tinge to it.














I am happy with the  primitive colors I got today.  It is so bright out that the black ones look lighter,

Lynn’s Blueberry Pie


I haven't added the whipped cream its best to do that right before serving.

I haven’t added the whipped cream its best to do that right before serving.

My blogger friend Patti is coming over today and I made Lynn’s Blueberry Pie.  Here is the reciepe

1 frozen pie shell uncooked  

2 tablespoons of flour

3/4 cup water

4 or more cups of blueberries

 1/2 or more to taste maple syrup

whipped cream

Cook the pie shell as per directions or make you own.  Add water and 2-3 cups of the blueberries, plus the maple syrup and flour.  Cook till its thick, stirring often.  cool.  Right before serving add the remaining uncooked blueberries to the cooked ones and stir them.  Put into the pie shell and add lots whipped cream and serve.  Everyone will want seconds.  I think you could do this with any berry.

My friend Francine let me know about this site today.  It’s very interesting, check it out.

Many thanks for reading my blog today and I hope you have a wonderful day.   Carole






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22 08 2013
23 08 2013

I am not good at moving things around so I will wait and have Chris do it when he gets back. Its good information that everyone should know. thanks again.

22 08 2013
Francine Keating

I tried the link to slow foodusa on your blog and it didn’t take me to the correct site. This is an international organization aiming to promote responsible environmental practices.
The slow food Us Ark of Taste lists 200 foods that are in danger of extinction in the U.S “The Ark of Taste is a living collection of distinctive and meaningful foods in danger of extinction. It was created to point out the existence of these products, draw attention to the risk of their extinction within a few generations. . .”, There is a list of products on the right that you can click by category–fruits, vegetables, grains/cereals etc.
I believe that this is their home page
Their logo is a stylized red snail on a white background.
Here are two other links that should take you to the slow foods site where you can navigate around to whatever interests you. Among other things, I did find the Ark of Taste interesting.
Hope you are relaxing after a hot and busy day.
P.S. I managed to incorrectly post my comment before I figured things out. Ignore it if it shows up!

23 08 2013

The pie was yummy…thanks again Carole…it was lovely to visit. And thanks again for the potpourri. It is the exact amount for the jar in the bathroom.

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