20 08 2013



Yesterday I spent some time at the rug hooking registry which was held in a neighboring town, Shelburne Falls.  They registered about 20 rugs.  Many were old.

semores funk shun 007

This is a very important thing for rug hookers to do.  We never know where our rugs will end up when we are gone.  When we register them the rugs can be tracked.  Someone in 50  years or so may buy your rug at auction, not knowing who made it, when and the materials that were used.  This information will be available to them.

semores funk shun 009

Today more and more old rugs are being sold online or at auction houses.  It’s hard to find out any information about them.  I bought an old rug at a hook-in auction several years ago.  The rug is beautiful and was a great deal of work for the maker.  I wish I knew more about the rug.

Details such as if a rug was repaired or if it needs repair at this time are noted.  You will notice that the rug in the following picture was repaired in the center and it is coming undone.  I love the rug and it tells a story of the owner.  The squiggly lines were perfect at first and then changed size and shape as we thing she was finishing the rug.  I love the rug, its unique.

semores funk shun 011

The gals carefully looking over an older rug.

The gals carefully looking over an older rug.

Many thanks for reading my blog today and I hope you have a wonderful day.   Carole



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