19 08 2013


Funk SHun

Every third Thursday night Funk Shun is open along with most businesses in town.  Businesses give out trinkets there are prizes, it’s a fun night.

Christa at Funk SHun

Christa at Funk SHun











Christa has different people coming in and demonstrating their talents.  Here is a picture of one of those Thursday nights.  Come down and see what is happening in Turners Falls.

august blog 125










Feed Bags

I have been giving Christa my feed bags and she has been making these wonderful bags out of them.

semores funk shun 017


This bag has my hooking frame and all my wool and tools in it.

 Now she has horse ones  too.  They are so reasonable only $12.00 a piece.  They are lined and with a pocket.  The work so well for my rug hooking supplies.  

Skunk Stories

Two nights ago I went up to give Sadie her water and the sheep their carrots and I heard a russle near the hay, there was the white tailed skunk, it seemed to be searching around for bugs, he walked near Sadie she baaed at it and it went elsewhere, checking things out, after realizing there wasn’t any good eating there he decided to go out the barn door.  Elliott saw him and walked over to it and it scurried out of the door.  Never spraying anything.  I am sure someday it will. 

Last night the two of them were in the outside chicken area eating bugs and digging for grubs.  They seem to be wary of me but not really afraid.  I do hope they move on though, as cute as they are its not good for them to live so close to humans.


Both last night and tonight the boys had smores.  Last night at David’s house and tonight we had them cooked over the rocket stove.

Lil's first Campfore

Lil’s first Campfire


          semores funk shun 015






Many thanks for reading my blog and I hope you have a lovely day.    Carole



One response

21 08 2013
Anne Wilson

I love the feed sacks made into bags, what a great idea, they look so good and great advertising as well.

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