9 08 2013


After a wonderful breakfast I am anxious to see whats new in the shops and get started.   The only thing I need to buy is some linen backing.     The following is a picture of a rug being worked on by my Friend from Montreal Louise.  The pattern is her own and drawn by her.     It will be a priceless piece of art when she is done.  Tomorrow I will show you Debbie’s and Mary Jane’s rugs and what I have done on the three cat rug.IMG_1016

Proddy Hooking’

Linda Watson gave such an  interesting talk about where she lives in England and what type of hooking goes on there.  Her presentation and pictures were wonderful.  It gave everyone an insight of how it was to grow up in the north of England a half of a century ago.  We got a clear picture of what frames were used, what materials were used and how the people themselves lived.





Proddy is a type of hooking that uses everything.  Old sweaters, all types of clothing  even t-shirts.   Its had many uses through-out its life.  First in the livingroom,moving maybe to the kitchen or back door then to the loo which was outside then to the allotment house then recycled into the earth.   Everythig was used and reused not thrown away.

Tomorrow I will be showing you pictures of Newfoundland and a wonderful story about Dr. Grenfell.

I am bidding on these wonderful , handmade  in Newfoundland mittens I hope I am the highest bidder.


Many thanks for reading my blog today and I hope you have a wonderful day.    Carole



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