7 08 2013


Monday I visited Cynthia at Keldaby Farm, it’s just a short 5 minutes from my house.  They just got 3 baby Angora Goats to add to their flock and one of their Peacocks had babies.













While fencing was being repaired the 3 goats were kept in the barn.  Their wool looks wonderful and they are sweet. The peacocks were in another building which was a part of the house at one time, it was the summer kitchen.  People moved these building for other uses usually when electric  stoves came into vogue. A summer kitchen would be such a nice thing to have if you do a lot of canning in the summer.  Mama Peacock was very protective of her little ones.  They were so cute.  I have never seen babies before and one of them had the peacock thing on its head.  Soon they will be out and about..


It’s that time of year again.


 My peppers aren’t ripe yet so I am buying  a few seconds and freezing them.  It’s such an easy process and I love the ease of having them all sliced and ready to go into spaghetti sauces, and soups during the winter. The chickens enjoy the parts that I don’t used.










Today one of my favorite dogs in the world Annie has crossed The Rainbow Bridge.  She is the dog of my friend Lynn.    I have known her since Lynn got her, she was kind and loving, considerate of other dogs  and  people.  She loved to swim take rides in the truck , and run around the property.   There will never be another ANNIE.   And Yesterday my friends Bob and Cynthia lost their small dog, I only met the dog a few times but its love of life and of Bob was a sight to be hold.  Loosing animal friends is something we lovers of animals really never get over.  My Mom  couldn’t stand the loss of our two beloved cats and never had another animal.  I on the other have had many animals and would not be without them.  

Its a beautiful day here in Colrain and I hope you are enjoying the same wherever you are.  Thank you so much for taking the time to ready my blog.    Carole



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8 08 2013
Rita Kay Bergeron

How do you prepare your peppers for freezing? Minnie Bisbee is a beautiful cat! Love your blog!

8 08 2013

Good Morning Rita,
I wash the peppers and dry them and just cut them in pieces. Put them on a cookie try and freeze them. It doesn’t take long for them to freeze, then pop them into a zip lock or freezer container and you are done.
It good to hear from you, how is your garden doing? Many thank for the kind comments. Minnie has kidney disease and of course won’t eat the prescribed food. I will be try some herbs and other things when I come back from hooking. SHe is very thin.
Hope all is well.
Love, Carole

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