2 08 2013


Memento’s From The Past

The box room is yielding many things from the past.    I found this wonderful label book.



  It was well used by my Mom and myself.  The last canning label was Beans 1960 and I had written a ticket for the railway express to mail something I guess in 1959.  I am now using these  and the glue still works..  It’s so interesting all the things that families have kept.  Our family were savers.  We all fix and made do.   I still have and use sheets hand sewn by my Grandfather out of flour sacks sewn together.  I can’t imagine how they felt when new but they are soft now with wear.  He also made pillow cases which I use..  My Grandfather fixed his own shoes and I loved watching him as a child.  Very few people do these things now and its a loss to society.  Shoes break and its hard today to find someone to fix them so out they go.  And today most shoes are not made with the care and craftmanship of the old days.


This morning I went up to feed the sheep and found that Sadie couldn’t get up, thinking the worst I tried and tried to help her but to no avail.  I got Chris and we got her upright.  She was exhausted from all the effort but ate and drank before noon.  I had many phone calls to make so I called Green Mountain Bovine to come and check out Elliott’s teeth, dreading their visit. He was in Colrain and came within the hour  The shearer said the teeth would have to be filed down.  The Vet was wonderful and said that he didn’t need that done unless he was a show LLama.


 All his teeth were fine and he was in good shape except that he was too heavy and his feet need trimming.  No more grain for Elliott.  What a sad state of affairs.   At the same time he had some wonderful suggestions for Sadie.  Bute which is a pain reliever and usually given to horses could be given to her.  I have started her on it.  She was walking around a bit tonight..



Today I found these in the front garden.  Chris leaves tomorrow and will be back in another week.  Many thanks for reading my blog and I hope you have a wonderful day.   Carole



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2 08 2013


3 08 2013
Anne Wilson

Those labels are a real blast from the past ! Both I and Simon remember them from childhood and we grew up in the UK. Maybe those labels were just the start of globalisation !!!

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