31 07 2013


Picture taking for the Crafts of Colrain.

I really don’t take a good picture so have been avoiding this task, but the time has come and there are two to choose from.  I like the one of Sadie and myself but she moved and I don’t know if that acceptable.

IMG_0940         IMG_0928















A Purple Dye Day

While working in the box room I found many skeins of a light brown wool, not a particularly nice shade of brown.  I have been dyeing some silk to make into eye pads and decide to throw a skin in to see how it would come out.  Each skein is slightly different but would go in a sweater.  I also dyed  some roving to take up to the rug hooking meeting.



Yesterday was Bread and Butter Pickle making day.  Its was a perfect day for that task.  The air was cooler.  I just love the smell of making pickles ,


I can see my Mom making jars and jars of Mustard Pickle, wish I had gotten her recipe.



Two plants at least 10 feet tall are growing near my front walk.  I don’t know what they are, but it seems to me that I have seen them before.  Any ideas?


Turkey Vultures

I saw these two out in the field today, hawks were circling around them but they weren’t going to move.!




Many thanks for reading my blog today and I hope you have a wonderful day.



3 responses

31 07 2013
Mary Jane

I really like the second photo, it’s a great photo of your and the sheep!

1 08 2013
Louise G. de tonnancour

Hi Carole, These are very touching pictures of you with your Sadie and sheeps. What incredibly beautiful head these animals have!!!The one with you and your sheep facing each other is moving…I can feel the love and bound between you two. Just a few words about the crochet lesson…it won’t be necessary after all…I dealt with my “problem” in another way that is even better. So, we’ll have all the time in the world to hook. Thanks!!! I’m looking forward to the hook-in. Until then…take care! Louise I love reading your blog.


1 08 2013

Thank you Louise, I am so looking forward to seeing you. I am not sure if I will just be attending the days or staying over. I hope to stay over but Sadie is not doing well today so its a day by day thing. The white sheep is Maude named after a family friend SHe is very friendly. I do love my sheep even though at my age they are a lot of work. They are on the most part calming and loving. See you soon.

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