29 07 2013



Minnie is doing well upstairs. her coat is in better health, she is eating more and seems more relaxed.  I just think she was probably a solitary cat and is happy to be that way again.





bean tree

bean tree







I love morning glories, to me they say summer.  The ones in the Herb bed have put out a lot of growth this summer but not a lot of blooms.  All the herbs are doing well, which reminds me that I better get drying.  The string beans were planted late so they are just setting beans now and that’s fine with me.  Today I am hoping to make a few more jars of dill pickles and make a batch of bread and butter pickles.  July is almost over where did the summer go.

Moving the Chicken Caravan

Well my plans of hops shading the caravan worked but it worked too well












.  They are bringing down the netting and the caravan will have to be moved today.  I am going a way for a few days next week and my animal sitters will have a hard time just getting to them to close the hens  up at night.  It looks like I will have a good crop of Hops this year.  I will be making dream pillows  soon for the shop.

Grant Money

The town of Colrain has some grant money which you have to pay back at some time.  Its helpful because there are mostly old homes in this town and many have been neglected.  You have to jump through many hoops which cost money and is annoying.    One of them is the lead testing.  Lets face it all old houses have lead paint.  That’s what they used in the old days.  I don’t want to spend money that I have to pay back removing lead I do know how important it is to check for lead but I feel if my money is going to be used I should have the choice to do it or not. Its expensive and would take away from the really important things that I need doing.  I need new windows to replace ones that just don’t open and they  create mold in my dining room and I need a new chimney and much cement work in the back of the house.  This alone will cost around 18,000.  I have already got an estimate.  I am hoping to have it done this year.  Don’t get me wrong I am grateful to be able to get this grant. I would love to have the walkway rebuilt from the second floor to the back.  I doubt if that will qualify though and it might be something Pat could tackle at some time.  It would be wonderful to have as I age, it would be another way to get out to the back gardens..  Its interesting that they put in that door isn’t it.?



Many thanks for reading my blog and I hope you have a wonderful day.   Carole



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29 07 2013
Anne Wilson

I have just bought two hop plants, I hope they take off as well as yours have. Are you quite sure Minnie is not deaf, white cats often are and that would explain why she does not react as she should to your other cats.

29 07 2013

I hope yours do too. They seem to love rich soil. Thanks for reminding me of that fact, that could be why. She seems happy now, Her 13 years were lived in Puerto Rico, came here at the beginning of winter,
she would sit on the radiator all winter. I think she has adjusted to the temp now.
My best to you ANne

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