25 07 2013




Oat Straw

Carolyn called me and said that Joe had cut some of the oat straw.  I had mentioned to them both that on one of my trips to Ireland I visited a basket-maker who lives near Bantry.  In his shop was the cutest chicken nesting basket, out of straw. Since that time I have wanted to make one.  Finally I bought Joe Hogan’s book of basket making in Ireland and in there found several.   They are made somewhat like bee skeps.   So with Joe’s book and some bee skep instructions printed from the internet I went up to their farm today.














 It will take time and a few nesting baskets to get the rhythm of the handling of the straw.   It was a fun afternoon and I did take some straw home to finish it.   I will plant some oat straw soon.












Mine is the odd shaped one.  It will be a very whimsical made especially for  Mrs. Brown.  Carolyn is going to finish hers off as a bee skep.


Refrigerator Dill Pickles

I made a couple of jars this morning and ran out of salt so I will finish them tonight.  It’s easy to do.  This is how I made them.

Cucumbers                                                                                                          IMG_0879

1/2 cup of salt

1 dill stem

1 grape leaf

equal parts vinegar and water

2 large cloves of garlic, sliced

In clean large jars I put the dill and garlic  on the bottom and the grape leaf on the side.  Mix the vinegar and water with the salt and stir.  You can either cut the cukes or leave them whole and put them in the jar.  Fill the jar with the vinegar/water mix and cover.  Keep refrigerated.



I think she is doing well with the move.  Hope she continues to do so.

Many thanks for reading my blog today and I hope you have a wonderful day.  Carole 



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26 07 2013

Your basket weaving technique with oat straw is fascinating. Actually, you can use the same technique with rope “whipped” ( I do not know if it’s the right word) with wool, the way we sometimes finish a rug. Keep up the good work! Mrs Brown will enjoy the end result!!!

26 07 2013

Good Morning Louise,

Many thanks for the kind comments. I am happy with the results but have seen many ways to improve the next one. Mrs. Brown loves her nest boxes and will look for the best one to lay her eggs. I guess the test will come then. Can’t wait to see you . I signed up for a one day class with Kaffe Fasset at Deanne’s next July, I was on the waiting list but got it. I am excited.

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