18 07 2013









Last night when I went to the barn to give the sheep their carrots and apples and Sadie her last drink of water for the evening, the sheep alerted me to something outside  I went to investigate but couldn’t see anything  Whatever it was had gone back into the woods.  The sun had gone down  the other side of the mountain and there was still a slight glow there.  The half moon was up and the air was cooler.  I sat in my chair and enjoyed the dances of the bat going to and fro.  Its these simple moments that bring a calming sense to life.




Sammy’s way of beating the heat.







Today the heat index will be well over 100.  Yesterday I spent too much time in the heat and it made me sick.  They say we have  at least 2 more days of it.   I don’t remember having this many heat waves in the summer, and it not even August.  I am afraid that this might be what out weather will be like from now on.  Adjustments will have to be made.


The Wool Street Journal has arrived.   It’s a wonderful, whimsical magazine for rug hookers.  I found this little gem some years ago.  Its beautifully done with just the right amount of pictures and articles.






 The July issue has a wonderful article by Carol Weatherman who does wonderful primitive rugs.  After I finish the Lighthouse rug and the Blueberry jar rug I would like find some old patterns and incorporate them into one rug.  There is always a free pattern and a dye recipe in the magazine.    Check it out on the web.

Rug Hooking,

Speaking of hooking I am hoping to finally get back to the footstool this coming weekend and get it finished.  There have been just too many house things going on to get to it.  

I found this Woolen Memory pattern and the blue variegated Lottie wool will be wonderful for the background.   This should be a quick rug to make and I plan to hang it over a doorway.


Many thanks for taking the time to read my blog today and I hope you have a wonderful day.  Carole




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24 07 2013
Bealtaine Cottage

A clever take on words…The Wool Street Journal…and a lot more relevant too I would imagine!

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