16 07 2013


Today is a miserable day, but Wednesday is supposed to be worse. Temps over 90.   We are waiting for a hay delivery, I really don’t know how anyone can bale hay today.  The only one who seems unaffected by the weather is Minnie Bisbee.  This is her kind of weather.  She has rested most of the day. 


I don’t know about you but I am sick of the annoyance phone calls.  Today I received 4, one from a research company, one from breast cancer (they call a lot, I have told them not to call but it still continues) one no name no number and one no name but a number.  If I spent my time  returning these calls and asking them not to call again I would get nothing done.  I wish I didn’t need a land line and could only use my cell but when one lives in the country that’s not an option.  Cell service is terrible here.  Oh well I will continue to do what I have been doing  screening the calls.



I am going through  boxes in the box room and found these two dyed fleeces  Both are from Lottie .











 I never sold any of her fleece.  Her fleeces were beautiful, ranging from black to a silver gray.  I plan to take one of these Thursday night when I  will be spinning at Funk Shun.


I pulled the garlic today, even though its a bit early.  The stems really are too green but I have already lost some due to the leaves browning and dying and not being able to find them.


 They will come up next year and I will separate them.  I really need to mark where each garlic is.  I planted most up near the sheep but some in the front yard.  Those are the ones I can’ find. They are not quite a big this year so I think I will try another place to buy them from.  I will have to start looking soon as I will need to have them by the beginning of October..

Many thanks for reading my blog and I hope you have a wonderful day.    Carole



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16 07 2013

I’m glad to know you have harvested your garlic as I was wondering about my own here in Montréal. It looks great but I think I’ll wait to see a bit more yellow leaves. What is Funk Shun?

16 07 2013

Good MOrning Louise,
.I think its better to wait till all the leaves are yellow. Funk Shun is a little store that my neighbor has two towns away . I rent a small space for my products in it.. I think it will work out well for me. Summer through fall they have special Thursdays evenings and I will be demonstrating plus having some wool and hand spun yarns for sale.
We will be getting together in about 3 weeks I can’t wait to see you

16 07 2013
Kellie from Indiana

Have fun spinning that beautiful wool! I need to build my stash up but its hard to find where I live. I have better luck brushing my massively furred dog. I have the same problem with my phone. We changed our number but the company gave us a recently used number, and so now we get telemarket calls AND calls for people who used to have our number. We didnt answer the phone for a year shut the ringer off. Its not too bad now, but still semi annoying.

16 07 2013

Good Morning Kellie,Are you in the middle of this heat wave too? Do you have any local fairs around you? Agricultural ones I should say. That’s where I got my first contact many years ago Anyone there with sheep might sell you wool or guide you to someone that will. Let me know if you find someone// Even my cell phone which I have now had for 3 years still occasionally has calls coming in from the person who had the number years ago.

24 07 2013
Bealtaine Cottage

Land line cold callers are a nuisance! The cost of a land line in ireland is prohibitive, but the cell-phone coverage is very good indeed, so that serves me fine. Also, the internet connection is on the same basis and works equally well and is improving with time. The wool is a lovely colour indeed!

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