16 07 2013


It is so hot today all the fans are going , I have one on Minnie and she is enjoying it.   The baby skunk was in the barn last night . IMG_0826 Hay 41 bales of hay were delivered yesterday by Joe.    Chris has been bringing them upstairs in the barn in this terrible weather. IMG_0828    Joe was baling today  but without the dumb-waiter I really couldn’t get anymore.  He  was going to do the large field today which would be 200 bales of hay, most of which he was keeping. The 41 bales will most likely be the last hay I will get from Joe this year


Minnie enjoyed  a taste of catnip. IMG_0824   Drying catnip permeated the   air today.   I gave each of the cat a piece.  Some cats just love it and others don’t bother with it;

.                 Suppertime for Elliott and the sheep






Even though its so hot the fan helps and there is a little breeze in the barn. Sadie enjoys being right  under the fan tonight Many thanks for reading my blog today and I hope you have a wonderful day..   Carole



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24 07 2013
Bealtaine Cottage

Yes, indeed Carole, this heat has been rather oppressive to say the least! Humidity is the real debilitation in this weather. Glad to see the sheep keeping cool! I was showing off the wool you sent me to a friend recently…let me know if you put any up for sale as I will put it on my blog!

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