11 07 2013


Cleaning The Barn

It sometimes take two people to clean the barn, 1. if it’s especially messy and 2. if Marley is in a ramming mood.  Ever since the make over of the pasture he has been ramming people (me, Chris  and the other sheep) .  Which is something is usually does in the spring.  It is especially hurtful  to get rammed in the back, the other day Chris got rammed in the leg.  Marley has to be watch closely when one is in the barn .



 Its become a bad habit which I am trying to correct with sprays with the hose when he is doing something bad.  Unfortunately he was raised like a dog, never saw another sheep.  If he was with a herd  of sheep he would have learned many valuable lessons in his youth.  He was allowed to do anything and the people who had him thought all those things were cute  Some people feel I should get rid of him but sheep are like people in a lot of respects.  The two white sheep are wonderful sheep, when you say no, they know what that means, when you call them they come, the ideal sheep.  The two black ones weren’t around people much, just thrown hay and that was that  They are hard to manage and won’t come when called.  Sadie was raised with my flock of Border Leicesters and is well-behaved and will come when called.    If I ever get more sheep(which I am not planning to do), they will have to show that they are well-behaved  I am getting too old to be training sheep again  It took 2 hours today to clean the barn, glad that it got done before the sun came out.



Bean Poles


I love these bean poles they are ideal for small spaces   In another month they will be full of all kinds of string beans.  I am planning on freezing lots of them.  The one in the front yard was planted later and is doing well too.  My tomato plants are catching up to the farm stand ones but even so I think that its easier and cost-effective to buy them at the local farm stand .  Local corn is out and I think we will have some for supper tonight,


I have been so busy with planting, barn chores and getting my wool room in order that I haven’t done a thing in hooking . I miss it and hope I can get some done today.

Many thanks for reading my blog today and I hope you have a wonderful day..   Carole





4 responses

12 07 2013

I would not be able to get rid of a sheep…if I had one. I can easily understand that you are very attached to them. Your country life is a very full one and I admire the energy you put into it! Rug hooking…all in good time!!!

24 07 2013
Bealtaine Cottage

I am in awe at your energy levels…you work so hard!

24 07 2013

As you know farming and taking care of the land is a hard life, but we do choose our lives and I don’t think I would have it any other way. Well maybe a little more help!

24 07 2013
Bealtaine Cottage

I heartily agree! More and more people are returning to the land as consumerism has let them down!

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