8 07 2013



My cousin Gary send me some information on chickens.  It seems that people are just running out and buying chicks without thinking of the consequences.  They are under the impression that hens lay till they drop and don’t live long lives.  Neither is true.  I have some hens that are over 11 years old and have not laid an egg for ages.  I feel that all creatures should live out their lives and when I take on an animal I am with them for the long-term.   This may not be everyone’s reality and you can always find homes for unwanted hens and roosters through any local chicken group/    Some people get rid of their hens after their first year and I have bought hens that way and they are still laying.  Francis is still laying wonderful blue/green eggs and she is getting close to 10 years old.  The sanctuary in Watkins Glen, New York where lucky farm animal spend the rest of their lives has noticed a huge increase from 5o or so hens and roosters to close to 500 now.

I can tell you that my life has been enriched by the hens and roosters here at the farm.  I have met some wonderful, caring chicken farmers, some raise hens for meat and others for just the eggs.  All have contributed to my knowledge of raising healthy and happy birds.                                                                  Last night I stuck my camera in the caravan to see who was where.


Brookside Animal Hospital

This morning Chris and I had to stop by the Vets to get a recipe for food for Minnie Bisbee and meds for Sam.


 We walked in the door and were each handed a kitten.  Dr. Funk and his wife each brought home two from a farm where they buy their hay.  Two have already been spoken for and this one and another one are available.  No we didn’t take them home, but they sure are cute.


The horseradish is doing well, I hope there will be enough root to save and to do something with.



 I would like to make a horse-radish dressing if I can find a recipe.


I use Hops in my dream pillows and have been growing them near the front coop for shade.  Last year I planted  them on the side coop and as you can see in the picture they have taken off.IMG_0779

 I have had to put a wooden post in to hold the netting up.  The vines can leave red welts on your face if you happen to walk into them.

Many thanks for reading my blog today and I hope you have a wonderful day.                                           Carole




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24 07 2013
Bealtaine Cottage

I love that white hen…she looks like one of the Muppet hens…the ones that adored The Great Gonzo!

24 07 2013

She was surprised and didn’t expect to have anyone taking a picture of her at that time

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