3 07 2013





Attar Rose Geranium

Attar Rose Geranium









Only stray showers today but the humidity is terrible. hot and humid through the next week.  I know that I like winter so much better than summer.  There few things I like about summer, one is not paying for oil and the other is that I can grow things.

Books I am Reading

Yesterday on my way to the Dermatologist I was listening to Vermont Public Radio.  I often listen I really do like their programing.  On the Show they had Jack Mayer author of Life In A Jar The Irena Sendler Project.  It’s now my first Kindle purchase.   The book is about 3 Kansas High School Girls who picked Irena Sendly for a history project.  They did a play about Irena which was seen around the country and now in Poland.   Irena saved 2500 Jewish babies from a certain death, the book is about the girls and about Irena.  I can’t wait to read it .

Free Plants

I had to get layer pellets and sheep grain today so I went to Greenfield Farmers Co-op.  They had boxes and boxes of free plants.  Delicata Squash, Pie pumpkins and some other squash.  I got some and they are now planted.  I should have more than enough for myself and to give away.  On the way home I stopped at the $1.00 wagon and got some begonias, hens and chickens and zinnias.  I do love the $1.00 wagon, last year he had mostly perennials and they came back beautifully and are lining my driveway. 


flowers 130

The catnip is ready to be cut and dried.  I hope to get to it tomorrow.


flowers 128                     flowers 129







The day lily’s are starting to bloom here and they are beautiful this year.  Thank you so much for reading my blog and I hope you have a wonderful day.     Carole




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3 07 2013

This heat has been challenging! And with the wet it seems to be a good year for slugs!😞 That is a beautiful geranium. I don’t think I have ever seen one before. How are your girls coping? Keep cool, Patti

3 07 2013

Hi Patti,
Glad you were able to get the car you wanted. My car is getting up there in age too. The geranium is a scented rose (attar ) geranium. One can keep them for years and use the leaves in tea or other things. I am trying to keep cool but not being to successful. I did give in an bought an air conditioner for the upstairs bedroom. I also bought another dehumidifier for the cellar and will bring that in tomorrow. Mold is spouting up in the back of the kitchen. Oh well summer doesn’t last forever. The back is starting to dry up finally. Stay cool and have fun with the new car.

24 07 2013
Bealtaine Cottage

I love the Day Lilies and have grown them here for the first time, though in pots. Hopefully, by the time you read this the hot spell will have abated somewhat!

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