21 06 2013


Yesterday my friend Susan  stopped by for a visit.  We are like two peas in a pod, like the same things, did a lot of traveling me to Ireland she to Nepal, we love wool of any kind and our houses are full of it.  We had a wonderful day visiting here then we went down to Funk Shun where she is having some chairs done over by Christa.  Turners Falls has changed so much over the past few years, it certainly is an arts and crafts town now.  We are making arrangements to get together again so she can go to Cranberry Moon Farm and we can spend time in Turners Falls.  She was able to buy some things to take to Brimfield in July.

Lillie Pad

Lillie Pad has arrived.   SHe is quite shy and is checking out the bedroom where she will be staying  while Chris , his brother and Mother are in Montreal.


When Chris comes back he will be spending the week with me and Ricky will be getting ready to attend a summer session at Eagle Hill School. 









The Skunk

Late yesterday afternoon the skunk came out and went into the front hens yard.  Murphy was besides himself, scurrying the girls into the other part of the fenced in area.  Crowing and jumping up and down did little to deter the skunk from looking for grubs.   I got him out of there by squirting him and made them come in.   Today I fortified the area, I don’t think he can get in there again.

Minnie Bisbee is my computer helper.  Every time I get on the computer she is right next to me.  She is gaining back the weight she lost.  The kidney food seems to be helping her.  I hope her numbers come back up.

Many thanks for reading my blog and I hope you have a wonderful day.   Carole



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22 06 2013

The skunk went right into the chicken area?! That would be disturbing. I don’t like threatening skunks. My last dog was always getting sprayed and I remember bringing him out one night and we both got sprayed. Very nasty. I think they will steal and eat eggs as well. Hope you scared him away for good. Lillie Pad is adorable.

22 06 2013

Yes I am concerned, now he has dug his way under the kitchen, maybe from the barn as I have had the barn door open to help it dry out. The chickens won’t be able to go out tomorrow and I will set up the have a heart trap right where the hole is. The yogurt maker looks wonderful, where have you ordered it from. Mine is plastic and although it does a good job i would rather have glass and be able to make more than a quart.
Lillie Pad is settling in

22 06 2013

I go the yogurt maker from Amazon. Can’t wait to try it.
Good luck with the skunk. If you catch it where will you release it? We had a Mother and babies one year under a shed and we had workers scheduled to do stuff there so we called a skunk guy. He trapped them with mini marshmallows but the he gassed them. He said you couldn’t release them anywhere legally. I was so upset. Try mini marshmallows though. I guess they love them.

24 07 2013
Bealtaine Cottage

I am trying to think of an Irish equivalent to a skunk…maybe a Pine Martin without the whiff! I’ve been working backwards through your blogs, so already know that a little Skunk returned!

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