20 06 2013


The Farm Visitor

IMG_0624 IMG_0620








Tonight my nightly visitor was in the driveway busily eating, not even botherd by my son and I who both ran to our houses to get our cameras.  After his fill there he went over to the other side of the house.  It’s a routine.  I don’t mind having him around after all we do live in the country and he is out and about at this time  of night.

The Side Garden

The side garden is coming into its own, a few years ago it was just gravel with a few day lilies.  Now there are lots of perennial flowers and a grape-vine which I need to make a trellis for.


Its somewhat shady there and most of the plants were either given to me or gotten later in the summer for a dollar.


I planted marigolds in the flower box on the outside of the Hen house.  They are working well at keeping bugs out .


Today I did get some tomato plants and got them planted, still have lots more to get in , maybe on Friday.  Heat and humidity are coming in for next week and Friday evening Lillie Pad comes to visit.

MURPHY AND EITHER MOLLY OR DOLLY I can't tell them apart

MURPHY AND EITHER MOLLY OR DOLLY I can’t tell them apart


Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and I hope you have a lovely day.    Carole












2 responses

20 06 2013
Bealtaine Cottage

Carole…I received your wonderfully generous package and am just over-whelmed with the wool and the beautifully scented soap, as well as the cat treats, heart and Organic Newspapers…thank you, thank you X
Blessings from all at Bealtaine Cottage, especially Colette X

24 07 2013
Bealtaine Cottage

And back to where I read to last time…
Missy continues to nestle into her litter catnip pillow! Thanks Carole…so lovely of you!

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