16 06 2013


            Today was a busy day, with grain to unload and hay to get, my day is pretty full.


IMG_0608  The ride up to  Joe Hillman’s farm  is only 10 minutes from here.  It heads up a mountain on a dirt, tree lined road.  There are magnificent views at every turn.  Its true about everywhere in Colrain, Its a beautiful town and I am lucky to live here.  My little car can hold 4 bales of hay with ease.  Three trips and the 12 bales are here.  Next week Joe will be haying that is if it ever stops raining!!  I did talk with Joe this morning about putting a lift in the barn to bring hay and grain up to the second floor.  He felt that it could be done and would be a good investment for me.  It gets harder and harder for me to bring 50# bags or a bale of hay up the stairs.  I am hoping he can do this for me between haying.


FUNK SHUN is the website check it out.

Christa owner of FUNK SHUN

Christa owner of FUNK SHUN

The store was lively yesterday with a good flow of people checking out the new store.  As you can see from the pictures there are many sewn items that Christa has made.  Pillows, aprons, bags of all kinds are among the many things that are there.  You can have a chair upolstered or a slip cover made or buy a chair already done.  Its a unique service that is hard to find.  I had her fix a cloth carry on bag that I loved and used a lot but the zipper broke, it had been sitting my my closet for years.  Today its just like new  and Christa did it in no time at all.









Many thanks for reading my blog today and I hope you day is lovely.   Happy Father’s Day to All the Fathers out there.                                 Carole



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18 06 2013
Kellie from Indiana

Pretty store and what wonderful country!

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