10 06 2013


The Mock Orange is glorious this year.

The Mock Orange is glorious this year.



Yesterday I spent a good part of the day getting some of the tomatoes in and some green beans.  I needed to fix a few fences and the netting in the outside coop.  Today I planted a dozen peppers before the rain got heavy, I have 6 more to plant another day.

I decided to plant tomatoes on a cattle panel fence.  I think today I planted half of them, I have room for about 1/4 more so  the rest I will scatter around the yard.    I put up the bean poles which I bought last year.  I do really love them, you can grow a lot of beans on them.  I will plant the two in pole beans and have also planted a row of bush beans.


The pathway down from the sheep which was dug up by the big machinery has been planted in clover and timothy and hay covering it to hold the seeds.  On the side of this was manure from last year which I never spread around.  I planted hubbard squash, cucumbers and some pumpkins there plus a row of bush beans.  I hope they do well there. 


We are getting lots of heavy rain today with more off and on this week so the back can’t dry up.  The spring was running pretty well today.  I  have been thinking of digging a pathway down through the pasture and putting small stone in the trench.  Maybe it would lead to a pipe and I could pipe it somewhere.  My son tells me that there are springs all over the mountain in back.

Mystery in the Caravan 

chicken caravan and minnie bisbee 011

Everyone in the barn is settling down now.  But in the outside caravan there is a mystery.  I noticed that Helen the white hen was  really picking on Hester over the weekend, I also noticed that everyone seemed to laying eggs except Helen.  Today there were 6 eggs in the nest and a smashed up white one.  I just wonder……………………….Hester are you getting your revenge!!!!!

Many thanks for reading my blog and I hope you have a wonderful day.    Carole



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11 06 2013
Bealtaine Cottage

Yes indeed…there is something fishy going on in that hen caravan! It’s been great catching up with your blog Carole…thanks for taking the time to write and entertain with stories and life!
Best wishes,
Colette X

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