31 05 2013


I thought I had time to fix the drainage problem in the barn and now drainage problems down the hill.  Mother Nature showed up and Last night was a night of violent thunderstorms and a deluge of rain.  All coming into the barn with mud or going down the hill.  Now I am very sorry that I didn’t get someone right away to fix it.  Now I face days of heavy clean up when I have a mountain of other chores to do. This is part of running a small farm.

Sweet Cicely


Someone gave me a plant of this a long time ago.   If you need a herb to spread this would be the one to get.  I am now trying to keep it contained in three different places in the yard.  I do love the flowers and have lots of bouquets of them at this time of year around the house.  If anyone wants seeds please e-mail me and I will send you some at the end of the summer.  But remember you have been fore-warned!!!!!!

The First Rose












Today I found my first Rugosa Rose of the summer.  I do love them so, the delicate flower and fragrance.  They are easy to take care of and bloom all summer.  In the fall there are the biggest rose hips.



My neighbor is opening a shop in Turners and has asked me to put a few of my things in it.  I will be renting a small hutch with shelves.  It will be great to have my things there all the time.    This is a picture of the space, it looks so cute.  I don’t know the name yet.



Tomorrow I will visit this farm in Cummington.  The owner Lisa and I talked at the fair.  My favorite sheep in the whole world  are Border Leicesters.  I only have one now, Sadie, but at one time had a whole flock of them.  They are easy keepers, easy to handle and are intellegent.  Their fleeces and despostions are wonderful.  They also live long lives.  I am going to look at her farm and some curly locks which I need for Camp Wool.  Pictures tomorrow.

Many thanks for taking the time to ready my blog and I hope you have a wonderful day.     Carole



4 responses

31 05 2013
Rita Kay Bergeron

Carole tell me more about “Sweet Cicely”. How invasive is it? I just purchased a plant at our annual plant sale. Now I’m having reservations about having put it in my herb garden. What would you recommend I do?

31 05 2013
Anne Wilson

We love Sweet Cicely and don’t find it too invasive here, we use it when we cook Rhubarb, it reduces the acidity of it and give a lovely flavour as well.

31 05 2013

Its a beautiful plant but when I left the seeds on it thats when it got away from me. Thanks for sharing info about it as I don;t know too much about the,. Hope all is well with you, give Tess a hug for me.

11 06 2013
Bealtaine Cottage

I agree about the Rosa Rugosa…they have amazing hips that last through to about Christmas in a sheltered spot.

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