29 05 2013


Today is a dark, rainy day at the farm and it looks like the next 4 or 5 days will have intermittent rain.  I don’t mind rainy days, they give one a chance to catch up on other things.  I have already done some garden work .


 I found lots of Sweet Annie growing in a pathway to the side chicken and garden area.  It’s good weather to dig these up and transplant them.   I remember throwing an old bouquet of them over the porch last winter, they seeded themselves.


They have a wonderful smell and I will use them in my Moth Chasers and hang them in bunches around the house in the fall to deter moths and other insects.



A few of the plants have strawberries on them and many others have flowers.  Some plants didn’t make it but it was only a few. All in all I am glad that I did this project and think next year I may make another one.  I would like to have enough strawberries to make jam and freeze.  We will have to see how they survive the winter.


My son found it in his yard.  Last year I never saw one snake, now within a period of a week we saw two.  This one was smaller than the other.

Another strange thing is the sightings of Mountain Lions.  If you are looking for how many are in Massachusetts the wild life department will say none.  There have been many sightings and some actual pictures of them.  


Soon some of  the farms products will be in a store in Turners Falls.  I will let you know the details soon.  Because the shows are harder and harder for me I have had to give up some of my favorite ones.  I am limiting the shows  I do now to Massachusetts  and only doing 4 a year.  Having things local will be very helpful. 

Its been foggy and damp here all day, I had to go to Holyoke and South Hadley today to bring flowers to the cemetery and it was sunny and humid there.  I guess we will get that weather tomorrow.

Hope you have a wonderful day and many thanks for reading my blog..     Carole









2 responses

29 05 2013
Anne Wilson

What is the Latin name of Sweet Annie, the leaves look familiar but I cant quite place it.

11 06 2013
Bealtaine Cottage

Again I have missed a pic of the Sweet Annie…file not found.
The strawberry pallet looks a great idea. I have not grown many strawberries this year!

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