28 05 2013


As  I mentioned yesterday each year I add or replace broken pieces to my pottery.  I use these dishes every day so occasionally a piece might get broken.  This year I bought a casserole dish and a small piece to put Sadie’s molasses on.  Now I have two of them, they do get messy if I am in a hurry and don’t wipe off the molasses jar.  I am so happy to get the casserole dish.   I will use it for making baked beans and other things.  I do have a small casserole dish but  It takes so long to make proper New England baked beans that I want to be able to freeze a quantity of them.



Today I am putting more mulch on the potatoes, they really have grown.

IMG_0450Some of the wonderful sheep at the show, the first two are Shetlands and the others are Suffolk.


At most sheep and wool festivals you get to see what others have been doing.  There are prizes and ribbons for yarns, clothing, sheep pictures and lots of other things. I especially enjoyed the  4 Seasons of a farm in needle felting and the hooked  horse and carriage.













Many thanks for reading my blog and I hope you have a wonderful day.     Carole







2 responses

28 05 2013

I LOVE that pottery. Do you have the name or number or better yet website of the potter? I think you may have told me once before but I must have lost it. Thanks. The fair looks like to was great. So glad you got to judge.

28 05 2013
Mary Jane

That “Whats up doc” hooked rug is a beauty!

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