23 05 2013


After an evening of fright with threats of Tornado’s and fierce thunderstorms with torrential rains this morning is unusually quiet.  I went out to feed the side yarn hens first thing.  Their  yard looks like a river ran through  it but they were nice and dry and glad to be out of the caravan.

I have mounds of errands to do today.  One of them is to meet fellow blogger, Patti at Nourse Nursery again.  They are having a blow-out sale of  blueberries for $7.50 each.  I am getting 2 more but that’s all I can manage this year.  Then I am following her to a nursery that I have never been too.  I hope to get some cemetery plants and some herbs.



The foot stool piece is coming along well.  I did run out of the light rust it but found a little bit of darker rust and hope I have enough of that  to finish. 


Yesterday I planted more pumpkins and watermelon and cucumbers.   The potatoes are coming up nicely in all three bins, I still have lots more to plant.


I did get some herbs for the herb bed and got them planted before the storm came.  





Massachusetts Sheep and Wool Festival

This weekend is the Massachusetts Sheep And Wool Festival in Cummington.  Its a show that my friend Susan and I did for many years.  A few years ago when I was taking a lot of trips to Florida I found it too hard to do all the shows so we stopped doing it.  We both missed it.  Its really a family atmosphere, while not a huge show, we missed all the vendors  and customers that we had made friends with over the years.  Even though it was late I let the vendor person know that if someone couldn’t attend to let me know.  SO today I got the e-mail and we will be there on Saturday and Sunday in Craft Barn 2.  I will be judging the fleeces for part of the morning and Susan will be arriving mid morning but none-the-less we will be there.  We hope to get a regular spot next year.  Look for lots of sheep and wool pictures over the weekend.

Many thanks for reading my blog and I hope you have a lovely day.                                    Carole






This Crazy Weather

More threats of tornados tonight and severe thunderstorms.  One just went by an hour or so ago.   The Humid air is back.  I hope we can get back to May weather.  It makes one think that one should always be grateful for what we have as in minutes it can all be gone like those poor folks in Oklahoma.



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23 05 2013
Anne Wilson

It must be very scary to have a threat of a tornado hoping you stay safe.

23 05 2013
  • The threats are over now just heavy rain tonight and much lower temps tomorrow. In this part of the country we usually don’t have to worry about things like that. Our worries are big snowstorms and hurricanes. We know what to do to take care of ourselves in those events but tornado’s are different. I hear you are getting the funny weather too.
    Thanks for all the info you are sending me I really appreciate it. We all have to help each other end these terrible things.

    11 06 2013
    Bealtaine Cottage

    I forgot to comment on the foot stool progress…it ‘s looking good…you’re quite the artist!
    I hate stormy weather as the wind terrifies me! I suppose it’s just a part of the natural forces, but they do seem to be more frequent and much more intense!

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