23 05 2013


More and more rain then temps in the 50’s.  At least there won’t be any humidity.  I will have to make sure I have warm enough clothes for the show.    Cummington is in a cold pocket and sitting around all day doesn’t help either.


With the damp weather its been really hard to get the dyed wool dried.  I sent what I finished out today and will get the rest done and mail it the end of next week.



For some years now I have had a small poster about my farm at shows.  SO many things have changed since the last one was made I decided to get another one done.  It makes it more of a personal experience when people know what I do, what kind of animals I have  etc. 


The Show

Tomorrow morning I will pack up the car and set up at the show.  It’s an old fashion fairgrounds and the sounds of the sheep will be music to my ears. It’s a place that holds many wonderful memories for me.  I participated in many spinning contests, I used to be a very fast spinner, Enjoyed the sheep to shawl contents and would even camp out there overnight.  Sitting around after the show with people I only see a couple of times a year but have remained friends with for all those years.  It’s good to see them, to find out how their lives are going what new creative things they are doing.  I met Susan at this show.  She had a booth, and I loved her things we struck up a friendship 25 years ago and e-mail each other almost every day now.  We found over the years that we are kindred spirits, like the same things, been through a lot of the same life lessons.  We usually see each other once a year and like doing shows together.  If you are in the area Saturday afternoon or all day Sunday stop by and visit us. 

Many thanks for reading my blog today and I hope you have a wonderful day.           Carole



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11 06 2013
Bealtaine Cottage

One thing that strikes me as I read your blog, Carole, is that American women are very skilled in craft work and homesteading, as well as being very industrious. Most of these skills are becoming quite rare here in Ireland.

11 06 2013

I really don’t know why that is. Before my first trip to Ireland I did research and found that James SHeild was still making wheels in Donegal. When I finally met him some 3 years later, buying my third wheel from him, he explained that people didn’t want to remember the hard times associated with the wheel. We had periods like that in our history. Everyone moved to the cities after World War 11. And farms were abandoned or sold to build more homes. Its not until recent times that small farms are back in vogue and people have returned to the simple things. Both my Mom’s family and my Dad’s family, had gardens, made their own clothing and canned tomatoes. I grew up with this and loved it. My children don’t do these thing but I am showing my grandchildren these things and they are interested so I hope the tradition will continue.

12 06 2013
Bealtaine Cottage

That is a good philosophy to hold onto…the second generation will carry through!

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