21 05 2013


I have had a lot of interested in the Chicken Caravan so I though I would  share more pictures of it and some more information on it.  Mine is made of all things that were lying around except for the metal wagon which I purchased.  I purchased it at my local farm supply store.  The bottom is metal  lattice-work so poop and stuff falls through and the tires are good for carrying heavy things.

chicken caravan and minnie bisbee 011







 I made changes over the years to it.  With the nesting box inside of the original box there just  wasn’t  enough room for the 8 hens I have.  Last year I made a nest box and attached it to the outside.  I also put hinges on one of the screens so it would be easier to clean out.  This year I will do the other side.  I rarely move mine so each year the tires need some air in them.  If you have any questions please e-mail me and I will be happy to answer them.  I have had this  for 10 years, I did repaint it last year.  For an investment of less than $100 I think it was a good value.

Hen Moving Day

I spent  the whole morning getting things ready and moving the 8 hens.   They are happy to be out .  The first thing they did was take dirt baths.  Oh what fun.


Today I planted some pumpkins seeds.  All heirloom, sugar pumpkins, warty pumpkins, green ones and cinderella ones. I planted them on the embankment near my son’s house.  I still have room for more and will plant them another day.  I need to make a wattle fence so that these plants are protected from neighborhood dogs who use that area as a bathroom stop.  I have a few rogue garlic growing there and weeded lots of grass out of the area.  I brought the grass up to the  sheep and was walking down near the chicken area when I saw a huge snake (every snake to me is huge and dangerous this is from a very dangerous child-hood expierence.    Now I am terrified of snakes and  wish they would either hide when they see me or move on.  I called my son who heard a rattle sound.  Well anyway it turned out to be a milk snake.  I am hoping the event scared it as much as it did me and it has packed up its bags and moved on.

The FootStool

I worked on the footstool cover for an hour or so last night.   I like how its coming out.  I picked out a few colors and will use those colors throughout.

chicken caravan and minnie bisbee 017

Today is hot and humid,rain was expected this afternoon but none came, the river is so low.

I will leave you tonight with this picture of Minne.

chicken caravan and minnie bisbee 001

Many thanks for reading my blog today and I hope you have a sparkling day.           Carole



3 responses

22 05 2013
Anne Wilson

There is only one thing on this planet that I am really scared of and that is snakes, in Spain I unfortunately encountered far too many but got very good at identifying them, here in Ireland we are snake free.

22 05 2013

That’s one of the reasons I love Ireland so much. You can walk freely anywhere without that worry. I am sure there were lots of snakes in Spain. They love the heat.

11 06 2013
Bealtaine Cottage

No…it’s not quite the same…the chicken caravan is a much better idea! It look fun too!

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