19 05 2013


Today I spent a good part of the morning getting the Chicken Caravan yard ready for the hens.  The roof is metal and needed a good cleaning.  I used the Orange cleaner that I made over the winter and 2 years of grime came off easily.  I have it cleaned out and spent at least an hour getting the netting up.

LIL 006 I found that I really need one more pole to make it easier for me to walk around freely inside.    The netting is bird netting and it goes up like a circus tent.  I though of the idea last year and it worked.  I must say the putting up and taking down in not a lot of fun.  I hope to get the girls set up at the beginning of the week.


Lil is growing up so fast, in no time she will be crawling around.

LIL 002

The Rain Barrel

I have the rain barrel in place but the down spout is not in place.  I have some measuring to do.

LIL 007

  I plan to get another barrel for the pasture near the sheep.  I have 2 large water tubs for the sheep.  They need to be refreshed every couple of days in the summer and I have to dump the water.  I really would like to use that water.   I don’t have a pump so would have to bucket it into the barrel.  Gravity would bring it down to things that need to be watered.

Another picture from the Chicken Man.  He sells Peacocks, geese, ducks and bunnies too.  A did call him and leave a message about that sweet little chick and hoping to hear that he will save him or her for me.

lilac 005

Many thanks for reading my blog today and I hope you have a lovely day.    Carole



4 responses

19 05 2013
Anne Wilson

The chicken caravan looks cute, how many hens do you plan for it?

20 05 2013

Another thing I forgot to mention is that if you can get a small axle you could build a larger caravan that could be moved around with a tractor or truck. MY friend got an axle for free and it now houses 10-15 hens. carole

11 06 2013
Bealtaine Cottage

Lil is a beaut! Chicken caravans are chicken tractors here…I think?

11 06 2013

Yes they are chicken tractors, only made with a wagon. Thank you for the kind comment on Lil. I think she will be a big help to me on the farm in a few years.

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