18 05 2013


Today I spent some time sitting near the lilac bushes.  You can smell them from the road. I have some needlework with me which I may or may not do.

lilac 008

 I don’t take enough time to smell the roses as they say so today I am taking the time to enjoy one of my favorite flowers whose presence  here is brief.


The Chicken Man AKA John Peters lives in Colrain.  It’s complicated to get to his house and a friend has me go with her every time she needs hens.  Today was the day and his barn is full.

lilac 003

I so wish I could have taken this little one home.  Boy or girl it doesn’t matter.  This little chick was so interested in what I was doing.  I hope that it gets a wonderful home it will lay blue/green eggs if it’s a girl.

  Its been a good year so far for him.  He takes great care in raising disease free birds.  This year there has been troubles at a local store (not my farm store) with the chicks so people are concerned and more and more people are buying from small suppliers.  I am looking for a couple of bantam.  He will have them mid-July so I will call him at that time.  It’s always fun to see what kind of birds he is raising, he loves the golden comets and sells hundreds of them every year.  They are great layers but they can be quite mean.  They are not my favorite hen, I have four  now and won’t get anymore.


lilac 009

I drew the footstool pattern this morning.  I have been wanting to do something small like this.  The measurements aren’t perfect as one side is a different size.  I think in the end it won’t be noticeable.  I hope to do it in primitive colors.

Minnie Bisbee

lilac 002

This morning it was cool in the house and I found Minnie sleeping on top of the radiator.  

Many thanks for reading my blog today and I hope that you have a wonderful day.  Carole



3 responses

11 06 2013
Bealtaine Cottage

I am very tempted to have a go at rug hooking…you make it seem so easy and I am sure it’s not!

11 06 2013

I wrote a reply and it went to the heavens I guess. I think with all your talent you would be excellent at hooking. Its very easy. Deanne Fitzpatrick from Nova Scotia has videos online to show you how. You can use your handspun or yarn given to you or used woolen clothing, people use everything to hook. If you want to get started I will send you a hook and some backing material and help you all I can. I am sure you can sell some mats on etsy. Hooking has not caught on in Ireland this could be something you could teach.

12 06 2013
Bealtaine Cottage

That’s kind of you Carole, but I will see if I can get hold of a hook…I may even have one somewhere in the loft! The backing looks like hessian. Talking of Etsy…have you got your shop online? I must make some more bits and bobs and get them online! I shall definitely look up Deanne Fitzpatrick. Thanks for the link!

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