16 05 2013


Francis & Sally

Francis and Sally are part of the older hens group.  Sally is 12 and Francis is around 10 or 11.  Sally doesn’t lay anymore but Francis lays a beautiful blue/green egg almost every day.


francis 001

 She stopped laying for almost a year and started up again this winter.  They both go out every day and hunt for bugs and worms and love their snacks every day.







The Tomatoes

The tomatoes this year have been an experiment.  I have learned a lot and next year will I will grow the tomatoes in  small greenhouses or a larger one than I have.  I may make one to fit the counter top.


  They grow so much better in the greenhouse and I don’t have to water then as often.  As I said before they do better in the small  dried circles of dirt and mesh rather than in containers of dirt.  It’s probably because the roots are contained in the circle and have a healthier start.    Next year I will experiment with peppers which I have not had good luck with.  The peas are coming up and half of the potatoes are in the ground.  I hope to finish the potato project by Saturday.

It’s a beautiful day on the farm, warm and breezy. Clothes on the line.  I hope you have a wonderful day and many thanks for taking the time to ready my blog.      Carole



3 responses

16 05 2013
Bealtaine Cottage

How wonderful to have hens who are retired ans semi-retired…this is how all animals should be treated!

16 05 2013

All my animals live out their lives on the farm. Sadie the sheep is over 16. I can never repay what they have given me and I know that you feel the same.

17 05 2013
Anne Wilson

What breed is Francis, that is a remarkable age to still be laying eggs, unlike these poor hybrid birds that give up after a couple of years although they live to five or more.
Our house is full of OAPs, a Terrier who is now fifteen and three of our cats are old, 13 15 and 17, even the younger ones are now getting on.

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