15 05 2013


World-wide March Against Monsanto

On May 25th there is going to be a March against Monsanto.   Look for one in a town near you.   Many people think that its a  waste of time to March but in reality the message about Monsanto is finally getting out all over the world.  People have been unaware about what Monsanto really does.  Now we know what its making, and how its affects the world.  It needs to stop and the more people who know about them the better.    For more information google march against Monsanto.

The Dyeing Has Started

Yesterday I have started washing and dyeing the wool for Camp Wool.  It will take me at least a week to get it done and bagged. Today its going to rain so I will wash the white wool which I need to leave in lock formation.  I am so glad that I have the two white sheep, their wool is just right for this project.  One fleece is good for Santa’s beards and the other is good for dyeing.

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We did have a frost  last night with temps in the low 30’s.   They think it may be the last one of the year, because for at least a week ahead the temps at night will be in the mid 40’s.   I covered newly planted Sweet Annie and the Peach Tree and the Strawberry pallet.  It now has some blossoms on some of the plants.


Computer Problems

When computers work well writing a blog is fairly easy but when something happens its a new ball game.  Last night I decided to add one of the benefits to AOL to my computer.  Everything went smoothly but at the end windows wasn’t working right and Crome wasn’t there.  I think I fixed some of it but today the picture part  doesn’t work.  So I am at my old computer again and grateful that it still works even though its slow.

I am leaving you this morning with a picture of Sammy on this cold morning.  Snuggled in a box of woolen material.  Hope you have a wonderful day and many thanks for reading my blog.                     Carole






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15 05 2013

We got frost too but everything is ok. I don’t have any strawberry blossoms yet, but they look healthy. Are you going to the march in Springfield? Or is there one in Greenfield or Brattleboro? I hate driving to Springfield. Do you want to meet and go together?

16 05 2013
Bealtaine Cottage

The colours you have dyed are just beautiful. Do you have a carder, Carole? If so, do you sell carded wool in any of those lovely colours…I would love to purchase some!
Colette X

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