8 05 2013


As I was doing some clean up around the front hens this is what I came upon.  Murphy and Francis sun bathing.  The tempsyesterday were near 80, a perfect time to take  a break and lay in the cool dirt.



This is not a lunch stop for hawks hence the netting covering the area.


Today we are getting some nice rain.  Its been over 3 weeks and at this time of year usually the river is running pretty full.


This river is a wonderful source for wild life and fishing.   You can still see damages on the river’s edge from the last hurricane.  You can see some islands appearing and its very shallow.  I hope we can get enough rain to get it back to normal.  I would hate to think of going into our driest months with the river so low.


Last night friend and fellow blogger Patti and I attended the Rainwater Harvesting lecture at River Valley Co-Op.  It was a wonderful lecture and I learned so much

In 2025 2/3’s of the world’s population will suffer from lack of drinkable water.  That is an amazing piece of information.  I am more aware of my use of water and want to do what I can to conserve.  Another piece of information was that up until last year in Colorado it was illegal to catch rainwater.  Rainwater belonged to the municipality or large corporations.  Really, how could they ever think that??????

People are now using their gutters for collecting rainwater for watering gardens etc.  So much water comes off a normal roof during a rainstorm.  I bought a rain barrel at the end of the season last year and plan to connect it to the only gutter I have which is on the front porch.  It should give me enough water to keep the strawberry pallet watered for the summer.  There are plenty of books out there explaining this.   One of them is Tool Box for sustainable City Living.  Amazon has this book.  The state of Vermont offers a Vermont Rain Garden manual that  can be downloaded.  Vermont, they are always at least one step above the rest of us in conservation,  Its a great service to offer this to anyone online.

As I write today’s blog Minnie Bisbee is snoring up a storm in her basket.

Many thanks for reading my blog on this delightful rainy day.  I hope you enjoy your day    Carole































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