7 05 2013


Sweet Annie

At the Farmers Co-op they had some sweet Annie Plants.  I got 4 of them.  I also have packets of seeds to plant.  I am hoping where I put the plants they will like the area and come back year after year. I use Sweet Annie  a lot in my Moth Chaser Mix and  in fall decorations.   They are good to hang in bunches to keep insects at bay.




The Sled


I have my old sled back again.  I fondly remember sliding down hills  going fast , the crisp, cold wind  hitting my face.  I want to do a hooked piece of my Dad sliding down his favorite hill in CHesterfield so it will help me draw a accurate sled.

The Tick

I have been working out in the yard a lot and really wasn’t concerned about ticks.   My town is a high elevations and there just aren’t that many ticks.

Yesterday there was one on my neck and with Lymes Disease running rampant I went to the ER.  I have had tick bites before and went to my doctors and they did nothing.  .  The doctor at the ER said I did the right thing.  I got the 2 antibiotic pills and was on my way.  Taking them or not taking them is someones own choice but doctors everyday see the results of Lyme and I just don’t want to take a chance on getting it.  Where I planted my raspberries is weedy and grown up so I think I will mulch the area heavily to keep weeds down

The Dermatogist


I go to see Dr. Jones three or four times a year.  She has taught me the signs of  pre-cancerous skin.  Several months ago I felt a sand-paper area on my forehead so the appointment was made.  The whole thing took about 5 minutes and a blast with the freezer gun.  With red hair and freckles as a child and adult my skin was very fair and prone to sun burns.  Back in that day the use preventative measures were not thought of, which is why now people my age and my  parents age who spent a lot of time outside are showing a high rate of skin cancer.  Its a simple thing and takes little time.  I hope more people will see their local Dermatologist..

Many thanks for reading my blog and I hope you have a lovely day.                                Carole



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