5 05 2013



My Dad was always picking up interesting furniture to repair and refinish.  This footstool has been hanging around and I decided to finish it .  I will need to cut the plywood so it will fit in the space and then make a pattern to hook.



My piano has been at my former Husbands house for years.  I have been planning to get it and a friend of mine Michael from spinning group told me of someone who will move it and repair it.  DIck Damon is his name and he is out of Belchertown.  On Saturday he went to look at it and I was worried what he would tell me.  The news wasn’t bad.  The piano is in much better condition that he thought it would be and he picked it up that day and brought it to his workshop.  Soon it will be here.  It needs refinishing but that cannot be done at this time.  That will cost much more than the repairs and the moving.  I was never a great piano player my fingers are short, but I really do appreciate my Dad and Mom  making me take those lessons.  It gave me the appreciation of music, the gift of being able to read music and a life long love of all kinds of music.  I will search the piano seat for my old music and start to play again.  I am looking forward to having the sound of a piano in my house again.



I looked this morning and the nest is full, she did a good job, others liked it and happily laid their eggs there.


I plan to finish it today.  I do like the principle of it and think it looks good too.  It will take the plants a week or so to adapt to it.


Today I am washing some of my wool sweaters and putting them away for the season. In the final rinse I add my essential oil mix which repels moths and other wool loving insects, there is even peppermint in the mix to deter mice.  The whole house smells wonderful.

These 4 sweaters are all handspun, 3 of them are from wool from the flock.

Many thanks for reading my blog today and I hope you have a wonderful day.           Carole



2 responses

6 05 2013
Rita Kay Bergeron

I recall an ottaman that you mom or dad made from cans. Do you have that one?

6 05 2013

hi Rita,
Yes I still have it, the material is worn put its still in use. My pMom made it out of the industrial veggie cans.
With these beautiful days I bet payout ae busy in the yard.

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