30 04 2013


I am glad to be back home.    No rain in days and no rain to come in at least 7 days.  Everything is so dry.  I will have to water the apple trees even though they are mulched well.  I am glad that I am taking the rainwater lecture at River Valley Co-Op.  I can explore new ways  to save and use water.  We are lucky to have an abundance of water here in Colrain, but I would like to know different ways to store rain water.

A Welcome Home Present



I was putting a few things away in my room and right where I would put my feet to get in or out of bed was a present.  I am pretty sure it was from Marion AKA Baby.  She is the feral cat who would like to trust me but just can’t.  A dead mouse isn’t really what I want but its the thought that counts.  

The Hill in Front of the House










Plants on the hill are starting to push up between the chicken mulch.  Soon it will be full of bleeding hearts.  I did plant a Mock Orange  there.  After all these years I am still trying to fill it in.  I have many Day Lillies and Wednesday I will pick up  some Elderberries at Norse Farms along with some Blueberry, and raspberry plants.

The Hops are popping up near the side porch and I hope to transplant some of them to the chicken fence.  It does provide shade for them and hops for my sleep pillows in the fall.



Mary Jane’s rugs are always interesting and well thought out.  I Love the swirls in this latest rug, they are quite time-consuming to do and look wonderful.

Many thanks for reading my blog and I hope you have a wonderful day.      Carole




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