29 04 2013


Our progress

Debbie and I both accomplished a lot at Camp Wool.  Although there is still more of my rug to finish the end is in sight.  The flying puffin is now done.











It was a wonderful time and I will be glad to get back to my regular life.  I want to get the yard done, the chickens all out and the pallet strawberry bed made.  It will be good to get home.  The picture below is the new Camp Wool Store right in downtown Kennebunk.




Perkins Cove

Mary Jane, Deb and I went to one of my favorite places, Perkins Cove.  Just sitting on the bench gazing out into the ocean gives one a sense of peace.


Many thanks for reading my blog and I hope you have a wonderful day.       Carole







2 responses

30 04 2013
Rita Kay Bergeron

I just finished trying to send you a comment but lost everything. The work you are doing on the light house is beautiful. I love the puffin! The picture of you and your two friends was saved on my screen saver.
What a joy it was to have a lovely visit during breakfast. Hope the next time you are in Maine, you’ll be able to stop by the house. In fact, we would love to have you stay with us whenever you can.

30 04 2013

Love the rug..especially the Puffin. Sounds like you had a lovely time in a lovely place. But it is always nice to get home. Welcome back. Patti

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