27 04 2013



I made it to Maine just in time for supper last night.  I found this delightful pub called Annie’s Irish IMG_0225  Authentic Irish food, everything was so good that Deb and I are going back tonight.  Its very close by in Ogunquit. For good food and great service try Annie’s.

Family and Friends

Today I met my Sister-in-Law, Rita for Breakfast.  We haven’t seen in other in so many years.  We spent hours catching up,   It was so good to spend time with her again, hope to do it again soon.

After our visit I stopped at Camp Wool, her new place is beyond words.  Packed full of stuff for the needleworker and hooker.  Of course I am going back tomorrow night.   

The afternoon belonged to Fran and I .  We have been friends since we were very small.  Our Mothers were friends for most of their lives.  Not too many people have friends for a lifetime.  Its a special gift.  SHe has a sweet Herb Shop on High Street in Kennebunk.  She also does some local shows.  


IMG_0221Some of the wonderful treasures in Fran’s shop.

The Betty Doon is packed  for Camp Wool not an extra room to be had.  Only 100 yard from the beach, near wonderful shops this owner-operated motel is a wonderful, warm and friendly place to stay.


Many thanks for reading my blog and I hope you have a wonderful day.        Carole



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