19 04 2013


Sammy had his routine interrupted today, finally he is getting some sleep.












Today was a beautiful spring day.  I was able to get the back coop hens out into a small area.  When I get back they will go into the area near my son’s house.  I will have to work on a place for the middle coop hens and Hazel when I get back.  I have an idea where they will go and I will have to make a summer coop for them.


Tonight I finished the Moth Chasers.  They are a good seller for me at shows.  They are made up of many moth repelling herbs and many moth repelling essential oils blended together and put into a bag.    The whole house smells wonderful.



The bookcases got moved today and all the books from downstairs too.  Most of my books will now be upstairs.  The boys did it all for me, it would have taken me lots of time and lots of advil to do this.












Packed up for the Farm To Fiber Show

I am almost packed up for the show. Vendors will be setting up tomorrow afternoon.  I am looking forward to being in the round house.  Such a wonderful place.























Chris and Ricky put most of the pellets away today and will finish it up tomorrow.  It will be good to have that ton stored away.  I plan to get another 2 tons to get me through next winter plus 2 cords of wood, which I hope to get next month.  I would rather put wood away when the weather is a little cooler.


Many thanks for reading my blog and I hope you have a wonderful day.                                               Carole



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